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Green Smoothies

Monday, March 11th, 2013

My green smoothie fixin’s sealed in canning jars with the food saver jar sealer, ready for another week. I add 3 baby carrots, whatever fruit I have on hand, goji berries, raisins (because I had some getting sugary) almonds, flax seed, and top it off with kale.

I love to add raw beets, they make the color dark red and taste yummy but I’m out right now. You can add the greens too. WARNING: Eating beets will give some people Beeturia, (you’ll have to look it up) it’s harmless but might frighten you if you don’t know what it is.  😉

When I blend I add some frozen sliced bananas that I keep in little paper cups in the freezer, frozen blueberries, maca powder and water or juice.

Mix it all in my new NutriBullet and drink.Green Smoothie